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Entries for December 2011


Sometimes even a Grinchy heart can melt.


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I came, I saw, I danced...

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Getting ready for the holidays, and debating about taking a break...sorta.


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My goodness, what a week.

Pasadena looks like a tornado hit, and in a way, it did.  We had a wind storm with reported winds in the range of 100 – 140 miles per hour.  When I left for work yesterday, I drove out of the garage and said out loud, “What the hell happened?”  There are downed trees everywhere, including a select few that are still in the streets.  I’m impressed with the city, though; they’ve worked mighty hard to get the worst of the damage cleaned up within 24 hours.  There’s just so much to clean up, and we’re all battening down the hatches in case the wily winds throw anything else our way.

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